Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I wanted to put out a quick post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fighting M.S. with P90X and Shakeology

In my first post I shared my story with you.  Today I want to share someone else's.

I'ts stories like this one, and my own, that made me choose to become a coach.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Plea For Help

If you have read my Welcome post or my About Me page, you know that I am an EMT.  I don't work for the fire department, I'm an on site EMT for a specialty metals plant.  I deal with all sorts of accidents, burns and chemical exposures.  When I trained for this job I thought that it was these type of things that were going to be the most disturbing to me.  I was wrong!  In my time on the job the things that have bothered me the most are the major medical calls.  When I walk into a situation to find someone fighting for breath and clutching their chest, or worse, it stays with me for days.  Most of these types of calls that I've had to respond to are for people that haven't taken care of their own health.  This started me thinking about my own health and started me down the path to a healthy lifestyle.  Then I started blogging in an attempt to share some of the things I have learned with others.  After my recent, unsuccessful, CPR attempt I started feeling a strong urge to step up my attempts to help others improve their health.

I became a Independent BeachBody Coach so I could help people improve their health before I, or any of my peers, have to respond to their preventable health emergencies.  I want to make a personal plea to anyone who reads this post.  Help me, and all of us at Team BeachBody, fight the growing health problems of our nation.  What I'm asking is simple, if you know someone who's not taking care of themselves, plant a seed in their minds.  I don't want you to be rude or try to force someone to change who doesn't want to.  I just want you to remind them that you love them and want them to be around for a while longer.  If they show interest help point them in the right direction.

Thank you for your help.


Welcome to my new blog.

My name is Charles and I'm a husband and father of two. I have a goal of living to see my grandchildren, something my father didn't get to do. I've completed Insanity and continue to work out and eat healthy.

I'm now an Independent Beachbody Coach and I hope to help others reach their health goals. My other job involves being a EMT. It's my hope that through coaching I can help people before they need my help as an EMT.

When I was young I was one of the lucky ones that could eat anything I wanted and not gain a pound. I graduated high school at 6'1" 165lbs. That changed slowly for me, so slow I didn't even notice. By 2009 I had reached 204lbs and had high blood pressure, frequent heart burn, headaches, depression, regular anxiety attacks and a variety of other minor health problems. My doctor put me on blood pressure medications, but i couldn't handle the side effects and stopped taking them. I started walking and climbing stairs daily and watched my portion sizes. It helped with my weight, I lost 20lbs. However I still felt like crap and my blood pressure wouldn't go down. 

That's when my wife saw the infomercial for Insanity and convince me that we should give it a try, so we ordered it. We started that program in early 2010. We were eating healthier foods, exercising and losing weight. I worked my way back down to 170lbs. My blood pressure dropped to almost normal. My depression disappeared and so did my headaches. I felt good. After completing the Insanity program I dropped back to working out 3 times a week and was able to maintain my weight and health. 

Eventually things started to slip after our summer vacation. I had a hard time getting back into the rhythm of working out regularly. After a while I was back up to 190lbs, my blood pressure was back up and most of my other problems had returned. 

Eventually I started to get interested in my health again. I started working out and studied many books and blogs on diet and exercise. I learned about low-carb, primal and paleo diets and haven't looked back since. I've created my own diet style that combines various elements of all of them. 

Today I am down to 165lbs, but more importantly I feel great. My headaches, depression, anxiety and high blood pressure are gone. The very fact that I am writing this and have signed up to be a coach is evidence of my transformation. Before the recent changes in my lifestyle I couldn't even write an email without having a panic attack. 

I'm living proof that diet and exercise are more than just a weight loss tools. They can improve your overall health and change your life.